caodrive.com aims to become a high-quality website for sharing CAD files. We hope that our software help independent engineers and enterprises develop their engineering products.

We belive that the future of engineering and most of the software is in the cloud. That's why we created a rapid, secure & failover infrastructure.

Currently the software is under heavy development and it should not make you experience any problem, but if it happens, please try again later or contact an administrator.

The Team

  • Rafael Senties Martinelli
    “I am the creator of the software and I’m working forward to make it much bigger.“

External Services

  • Advanced DNS, Firewall, Server Load & Failover Management.
  • High Performance, Production, Worldwide Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Private Email Server & Cloud Storage.

*Not all the servers are hosted with kamatera, a few are directly hosted by us.
*CAOdrive® is a French trademark created in 2021. It do not possess any intellectual property.