CAOdrive.com aims to become a high-quality website for sharing CAD files. We are a French company that believes that the future of engineering and most of the software is on the web, and that's why we created a rapid & secure cloud infrastructure.

Currently the software is in its early stages and it should not make you experience any problem, but if it happens, please try again later or request for support.

Also, if you like the software, please consider creating a premium account, that is the best way to support us.

Are you interested for creating software? Or do you need a Python software developer?

We are available for creating custom websites and desktop software. You can contact us through the contact page or LinkedIn and we will make you a costing and a technical proposition. The services that we provide are:

  • Development of desktop software for Windows or GNU/Linux, created with Python Qt or GTK+
  • Development of web software created with Django (Python) & NGinx.
  • Administration of servers and hosting.

Our service is very efficient and we propose very good compromises between price and quality. Do not hesitate to contact us :)